Sunday 1st – Advent

8.00am         Eucharist

10.00am       Sung Eucharist

5.00pm        Pizza and  a Ponder

Monday 2nd       1.30pm        Windsor Clive School in church

Tuesday 3rd       7.30pm        Election Hustings at City Church

Wednesday 4th   9.30am         Eucharist

6.00pm        Carol Service at Ely Coop funeral home

Friday 6th          9.15am         Windsor Clive School in church

Sunday 8th – Advent 2

8.00am         Eucharist

10.00am       Sung Eucharist

3.00pm        MMCL rehearsal in church

3.30pm        Crafty Church in hall

5.30pm        Local Vocals rehearsal in church

6.30pm        PCC meeting in hall

Monday  9th      1.30pm        Funeral in church

                   7.00pm        Local Vocals concert in church

Tuesday  10th      11.00am       St Fagans School choir at Ely Court care home

                   4.30pm        MMCL rehearsal in church

                   6.00pm        MMCL concer & Windsor Clive choir

                                      Concert in church

Wednesday 11th  9.30am         Eucharist

10.30am       Windsor Clive concert in church

Thursday  12th    10.00am       Windsor Clive concert in church

                   7.00pm        Launch of Christmas Tree Festival

                   With St Fagans School choir

Friday   13th        10.00am       Nany Caerau school in church

                   7.00pm        Christmas Tree Festival

                                      With Nany Caerau School choir

Saturday 14th      10.30am       Coffee and Carols with MMCL

                   2.00pm        Regency Christmas Fayre

Sunday 15th – Advent 3

8.00am         Eucharist

10.00am       Sung Eucharist with baptisms

6.00pm        Taizé Prayer

Monday  16th      9.15am         Nant Caerau concert

                   3.00pm        Nant Caerau concert

Tuesday  17th     10.30am       Coed yr Gorf concert

                   5.30pm        Coed yr Gorf concert

Wednesday 18th  9.30am         Eucharist

                   12.15pm       Funeral in church

                   2.45pm        Funeral in church

Thursday  19th    11.00am       Eucharist at Ely Court

Friday  20th         10.00am       St Fagans School Eucharist

Sunday 22nd – Advent 4

8.00am         Eucharist

10.00am       Sung Eucharist with junior church nativity

3.00pm        MMCL carols at the Regency

Christmas Eve   24th      11.00pm       Midnight Mass

Christmas Day   25th      10.00am       Family Eucharist with carols

Thursday 26th (St Stephen) 10.00am   Eucharist

                             11.00am       Eucharist at The Regency

Sunday 29th – First of Christmas

10.00am       Sung Eucharist with carols

Regular weekly events in our hall

Monday        11.15am       Zumba for the over 50s

                   Contact: Julie Richards 07757 388860

                   5.00pm        Welsh medium youth group

                                      Yr 6+ (term time only)

                   Contact: Geraint Scott 2063 5684

                   7.00pm        Community choir

                   Contact: Gloria Yates 07884 445371

Tuesday        10.00am       Elderfit

                   Contact: Talik Hassan 07455 277009

                   2.30pm        Pilates for the over 60s


                   4.00pm        MMCL

                   Contact: James Brookmyre 07548 748455

                   6.00pm        Bingo

                    Contact: Leanne Emmerson 07830 459603

Weds            10.30am       Endeavourers club for the over 50s

                   Contact: Di Thomson 2059 8791

                   Thursday      10.00am       Craft and art group

                   Contact: Anne Swann 2056 2641

Friday           6.30pm        Bingo 

                   Contact: Linda 07773 472053

Saturday       11.00am       Friendly Faces

                   Contact: Sam Jones 07415 888269

You would be welcome at any of the above (nb Making Music Changing Lives has a waiting list)

For one-off bookings such as parties please contact Irina 07528 089560

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